Web Slinging 7.26.13

I put this together a day ahead of time for 2 reasons: 1) Friday is my day off & 2)I'm busy seeing "the Wolverine". I've also had some thoughts recently about not doing "Web Slinging" anymore.  I may not do it as often, but when good stuff comes up I'll share it.

Michael Bayne had a great post on his blog on what every leader needs to keep working on.  If you lead in any way, read this.

Sam Luce had 2 great posts on his blog that caught my attention.  The first was things to keep in mind while trying to raise gospel centered kids.  The second was his series on 3 relationships every leader needs.

Craig Jutila had a great post on the power of forgiveness.  I need this constant reminder.

The Gospel Coalition had a great post on how to know if your child is a Christian.

And finally ...

The Resurgence had a post on the necessity of being transparent and its relationship to grace.  Just like the forgiveness post up higher, I needed to read this.  It hit me where I'm at.

Raising Gospel Kids

Gospel-centered Living via Dan Darling